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Mobile Application Development

Apptraction is a mobile application development house that is following the “wearable/everywhere” technology cycle, seeing mobility as a top priority for our company. We help our clients target users on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices, offering end-to-end mobile development services from strategy and app design to prototyping, developing and app marketing. Apptraction team partners with mobile-focused companies to assist them in getting the most of native functionality of each platform and provide 100% dedicated mobile apps to their end-users.

Tablet Application Development

Tablets give unprecedented value both as excellent business productivity tools and new entertainment and leisure paradigm. Here, at Apptraction, we design and develop best-of-breed solutions to double the native value provided by tablet screens, putting the best business and consumer ideas into practice for our clients’ benefit. Be it iPad, Android-powered device, business-focused RIM Playbook tablet or web app that fits perfectly into a tablet form factor without compromising user experience, Apptraction will make your app idea see the world at its best.

Mobile Web/HTML5 Development

It takes all sorts to reach your users, then “get-one-reach-everyone” multi-platform solution is the most sensible option for you. With HTML5 that rocks and PhoneGap, Titanium, Sencha as tools used on a daily basis within our app developing company, cross-platform outreach for your mobile idea is guaranteed. Apptraction dev team ensures that you embrace both mobile users scattered across a number of different platforms and web visitors. Cross-platform mobile development is easy with our nimble certified HTML5 developers!

Enterprise & B2B App Development

The power of mobility drives not only consumer segment, it brings extra operational opportunities into the enterprise & B2B space. Apptraction will work closely with your team to set BYOD policy on track or get your business customers’ attraction with a mobile app that fits into their business process and helps them get a competitive advantage. “Corporate” often means large amounts of data to handle. Apptraction team develops everything from a robust back end to an intuitive interface, making complex business logic look simple and easy to the end-user.

Back-End Development

A performance-intensive mobile application is far more than just an eye-catchy interface, the real power is hidden under the hood with third-party integrations and business logic computations. Apptraction developers love to disentangle the challenging back-end tasks to make these complexities go unnoticed by your end-users. Our mobile development professionals take advantage of native and third-party APIs and external Web Services to fully exploit the native phone capacity and avoid unjustified overheads, resulting from “reinventing the wheel” approach. 

Mobile App Marketing & Promotion

Mobile consumer market prosperity goes beyond successful app implementation, it’s about delivering the app into the hands of the interested community. Apptraction services include your app promotion to help you pass from mere implementation success to commercial success. We’ll ensure your app’s visibility and traction in online marketplace, because we know how to turn mobile app marketing gears!