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iOS App Development

iOS platform can boast the most loyal user community, inspired by intuitive functionality and artistic aesthetics set by Apple. Apptraction iOS development team with the mind fixed on the goodies of the environment infuses the same golden ratio rules, sleek lines and impeccable forms into iPhone and iPad apps that we build for our clients. We’ll design and develop mobile solutions that reflect the harmony of great performance and artistic design to make your users become not only the advocates of Apple devices, but also the devotees of your products.

Android App Development

Android offers a striking variety of user personas on a great number of Android-powered devices. What does it mean for your business? – Outreach and global-scale coverage of user-base. Apptraction Android development team believes in the power of productivity-oriented nature of the platform without foreclosing a design as compelling as the one promoted by Apple enthusiasts. Fragmentation is not an issue for Apptraction developer team, we create top enterprise mobility and consumer apps that look uniform and engaging to a vast multi-faceted community of Android users.

Windows Phone Development

With a reviving move from Nokia, Windows Phone has seen an influx of new followers and the growth of interest from developers and companies, leveraging the opportunities of the platform. Apptraction Windows Phone developers have grown fond of the stylish Metro UI and user-centered policy of the platform to put our enthusiasm and knowledge into best-of-breed solutions designed and developed to serve your company’s business plans in either consumer or enterprise sector, or both. Be it a smartphone, Xbox or tablet, we are happy to contribute to your success!

BlackBerry App Development

Apptraction development team is convinced that BlackBerry doesn’t resonate with austerity, it resonates with a dedicated device for business. Our clients, who see RIM smartphones and PlayBooks as the main connection point to serve their corporate needs, can rely on the skills of Apptraction BlackBerry team to introduce productivity and business process automation mobility into their ongoing processes. We’ll build BlackBerry mobile and tablet solutions that will have a direct impact on your ROI growth through the clockwork BlackBerry connected data exchange and communication.

HTML5 App Development

HTML5 is the technology that dilutes the unsurpassable line between the web and the mobile to eliminate the difference almost completely. If your mobile plans are OS- and platform-agnostic, then Apptraction HTML5 developers will put our industry-endorsed skills and certified knowledge into engineering a solution that will leave a lasting non-fragmented vision of your brand both to your web users and those getting acquainted with your company while surfing the web on their mobile devices.